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Microsoft.Workflow.Client.Security Namespace


Provides client security-related classes for the workflow service.


Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass ClientPermissions

Represents the permissions granted to a client.

System_CAPS_pubclass OAuthS2SAccessControlServiceSettings

Represents the settings of the Access Control Service's OAuth2 S2S endpoint.

System_CAPS_pubclass OAuthS2SAppSettings

The application settings for enabling OAuth2 S2S security using the Access Control Service.

System_CAPS_pubclass OAuthS2SAuthenticationChallenge

The OAuth2 S2S challenge to be issued for unauthenticated requests. It will be included with the HTTP 401 response code.

System_CAPS_pubclass OAuthS2SCredential

Represents a credential for an OAuth2 S2S identity.

System_CAPS_pubclass OAuthS2SDiscoveryCredential

Represents a discovery credential for OAuth S2S identity.

System_CAPS_pubclass OAuthS2SSecurityConfiguration

Specifies an OAuth2 S2S-based security configuration for the Scope that supports claims-based delegation.

System_CAPS_pubclass OAuthS2SSecurityTokenServiceCredential

Represents a credential for calling a Security Token Service using OAuth2 S2S.

System_CAPS_pubclass OAuthS2SSelfIssuedCredential

A credential for creating a self-signed token.

System_CAPS_pubclass OAuthS2STrustedIssuer

Specifies a trusted issuer for OAuth2 S2S.

System_CAPS_pubclass ScopeSecurityConfiguration

Represents the scope security configuration.

System_CAPS_pubclass WindowsSecurityConfiguration

Specifies Windows authentication and authorization for the Scope configuration.


Enumeration Description
System_CAPS_pubenum ScopePermissions

The permissions granted by the Scope security configuration.

System_CAPS_pubenum WorkflowManagementPermissions

Specifies an enumeration of management permissions.

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