Using Help in Management Reporter

The Help content topics for Management Reporter for Microsoft Dynamics ERP have been organized to provide an efficient approach to accessing the information that you need to use Management Reporter. Some functionality of Management Reporter depends on which Microsoft Dynamics ERP system you are using. It may be helpful to also see the Help or user guide for your Microsoft Dynamics ERP system.

Using Help

To open Help in the Management Reporter Report Designer or the Management Reporter Desktop Viewer, click Help or press F1. The Help pane opens with the Contents tab displayed. You can use the table of contents as a guide or expand the headings to find a specific topic.

The toolbar provides the following functions.

Toolbar Function



Minimizes the Contents, Search, Favorites tabs.


Displays the previous topic viewed in the view pane.


Hide Tabs – Minimizes the Help tabs.

Back – Displays the previous topic viewed in the view pane.

Forward – Displays the next topic when you are viewing a topic that was previously displayed.

Home – Displays the topic, ”Using Help for Management Reporter.”

Stop – Stops the page from loading.

Refresh – Refreshes the topic displayed in the view pane.

Internet Options – Opens the Internet Options dialog box.

Print – Opens the Print dialog box.

Search Highlight Off – Prevents keywords from being highlighted. By default, search keywords are highlighted in a topic that is displayed.

Click the Search tab to search the Help for a particular word or phrase. The results of this search include all topics that contain your search keywords. To search for a word relative to another word, click the arrow to the right of the search field and select AND, OR, NEAR, or NOT. At the bottom of the pane, you can indicate whether you want to search previous results, match similar words, or search titles only. Click List Topics to start the search process. To view a particular topic in the list, click the topic, and then click Display.

The Favorites tab is where you can add topics to a list of frequently used or important topics, similar to the functionality of the Favorites menu in a web browser. Click a topic in the Contents tab, and then click the Favorites tab. The topic title that you select is displayed in the Current topic field at the bottom of the pane. Click Add to add it to your Topics list. To delete or view favorite topics, click the topic title in the Topics list, and then click Remove to delete it or Display to view it.

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