Drill to Dynamics

The Drill to Dynamics feature is in the Web Viewer and Desktop Viewer. It lets you obtain additional information about an account from the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, such as viewing the source and originating transactions for general ledger data to provide more details for data analysis.

For example, suppose that Phyllis generates a Quarter 1 Income Statement. She opens the report in Desktop Viewer and drills down to the account level on Sales. She wants to view additional information about the account, such as where the transactions originated. Phyllis knows that she can drill down to the transaction level in Management Reporter, but she wants to see more information than what is provided. On the account level, she can right-click and select Drill to Dynamics. Depending on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system she is using, an ERP system window opens, and from there she can view additional information related to the account.

Use Drill to Dynamics


To use Drill to Dynamics, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP client must be installed on the computer that you are using, or the feature will not be available. The Drill to Dynamics feature in the Web Viewer works only with Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013.

Open the report using the Desktop or Web Viewer. To use the Drill to Dynamics feature, you must be at the account level of the report.

You can access the Drill to Dynamics feature in one of the following ways:

  • Select an amount, and then click Drill to Dynamicx on the toolbar.

  • Select an amount, and then on the View menu, select Drill to Dynamics.

  • Select an amount, press Alt+D.

Depending on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP system that you are using, the ERP system window opens, based on the system that is connected to the report or the node of the tree that you are drilling down into. If you are not logged on to the ERP system, you must enter your credentials.


Reports that were generated using a previous version of Management Reporter might not produce accurate results for the Drill to Dynamics feature. If this occurs, you must generate the report again.

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