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Data upgrade cockpit (form)

Applies To: Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R3, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 R2, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 Feature Pack, Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012

Click System administration > Setup > Checklists > Data upgrade checklist. Click Presynchronize, Launch data upgrade, or Upgrade additional features.

The Data upgrade cockpit (%1 -> %2) creates upgrade jobs and tasks and runs them in the correct order, to help ensure that data is upgraded correctly.


Upgrade tasks are run in parallel, based on the number of batch threads set in the Server configuration form. The default number of threads is eight.

The Data upgrade cockpit (%1 -> %2) is opened from the Data upgrade checklist. It contains a grid that describes the upgrade jobs and provides tools that you can use to run, monitor, and manage the jobs.

Tasks that use this form

The following tasks in the Data upgrade checklist open the Data upgrade cockpit (%1 -> %2).

The following tables provide descriptions for the controls in this form.




Data upgrade

Maintain all aspects of the running of upgrade tasks.


Configure data upgrade parameters and control the batch server.


Export data upgrade job information to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet and to analyze job dependencies.




Upgrade job

Displays the name, status, priority, and other information for each upgrade job.

Grid columns



Status icon

A visual indicator of the status of the upgrade task.


The status of the upgrade task: Waiting, Ready, Executing, Finished, Failed, or Disabled.


A short description of the upgrade task.

Company accounts ID

The name of the company account being upgraded. An asterisk (*) indicates a task that will run for all company accounts.

Method name

The name of the upgrade script method.


The name of the Microsoft Dynamics AX module associated with the upgrade task.


Elapsed time since the upgrade task began running.


The priority of the upgrade task in the batch queue.

Start time

The time when the upgrade task began running.


The upgrade target version of Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Task type

The upgrade task type: Standard, Shared, Start, or Final. The task type determines how upgrade script execution is sequenced.

Task ID

The identifier of the upgrade task.





Submit upgrade jobs to the batch queue. This button can also be used to resume paused jobs.

Change failed tasks to waiting

Reset the status of failed tasks so that they can be run again.


Pause all upgrade tasks that are running.

Reload scripts

Set upgrade scripts that have already been run to be run again.


Rerunning the upgrade scripts might cause data corruption. Use this option only for upgrade script development and for testing.

View batch job

View the upgrade batch job that contains the upgrade tasks.

Upgrade parameters

Open the Configure data upgrade form to set the number of batch threads and the refresh rate for the Data upgrade cockpit (%1 -> %2).

Batch thread

Open the Batch tasks form to set the number of batch threads on the AOS that is running the upgrade.

Export to Microsoft Excel List

Export the contents of the grid to an Excel spreadsheet.


Excelmust be installed on the target computer.

Analyze dependency View

Open the Analyze dependency form, which is useful in upgrade script development.

View task progress

View the progress of the selected bulk copy task.

View error

Display errors that occurred while the batch job was running.

Rerun task

Rerun the selected task.

View predecessor

View the predecessor task of the selected task. This function applies only to tasks that depend on the completion of another task.

View batch task

Open the Batch tasks form to view details of the selected task.

View upgrade script

Display the code for the selected upgrade script.

Disable upgrade script

Set the status of the selected upgrade script to Disabled to prevent the script from running. This button is available only when the script status is Waiting.


For debugging use only. Do not use on a production system.

Enable upgrade script

Restore the status of the selected script to Waiting. This button is available only when the script status is Disabled.


Update the job status information on the form.




Show all tasks

Select this option to display all upgrade tasks in the grid. If the option is not selected, only tasks that are not finished will be displayed.

Overall upgrade progress

The progress bar represents the portion of completed data upgrade tasks. Progress is calculated based on the total weight of the tasks completed.

Start time

The time when the Data upgrade cockpit (%1 -> %2) began running upgrade jobs.

Last updated

The time when the job status information on the form was last updated.

Total tasks

The total number of upgrade tasks.


The number of tasks that have a Finished status.


The number of jobs that have a Failed status.


The number of jobs with an Executing status.


The number of jobs that have a Ready status.


The number of jobs that have a Waiting status.

Announcements: To see known issues and recent fixes, use Issue search in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).