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Create Custom Get Started Pane Content

[Applies to: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011]

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 provide a get started pane above the main grids for several entities. You can create custom get started pane content for your custom entities or replace existing content with content customized for your organization.


Customizing the application Help content for on-premises Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is no longer supported. Because of this restriction, customizing the Getting Started pane is a useful workaround because it allows you to provide links to custom Help, which is readily visible in the grid view.

Get Started Pane

The default content for the get started pane is located with the Help content. The content is exposed in the application through attributes in the <SubArea> (SiteMap) element for specific entities. This content cannot be included in a solution and, therefore, cannot be transported with a solution.

The method to make custom get started pane content that can be included in a solution is to create Web resources to be presented in the get started pane, and to modify the SiteMap so that your custom content is presented for entities you select instead of existing get started pane content.

Get Started Pane Template

To help you create custom get started pane content, the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK includes a set of files that replicate the appearance and behavior of the get started pane pages. There is also a Readme.docx file that has instructions. These files are located at SDK\Resources\GetStartedPaneTemplate.

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