Manage portal content (Dynamics CRM 2015)


Applies To: Dynamics CRM 2015

Developer Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 provide content management capabilities for portal applications. Microsoft Dynamics CRM stores all relevant content for the web portal in custom CRM entities, and this content is managed, supplied, and cached by the Developer Extension binaries referenced in your portal code. The base portal solution must be installed to see these entities in CRM. More information: Install the base portal solution

Entities installed in the base portal solution

The following table lists the Microsoft Dynamics CRM data entities that are used for content management.

Entity name



Stores key information about the websites to be managed through Developer Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


Defines all webpages in a website, including the navigation structure of the website.


Defines specific navigation sets that consist of groups of individual web links.


Defines a specific link to a URL.


Specifies a storage point for graphics, documents, and other files that the portal exposes to users.


Defines the “breadcrumbs” for the navigation to get to a specific page.


Provides a mechanism to store configuration values, specific styles, and colors for the portal.


Allows you to designate specific .aspx pages as templates that can be reused to create new inherited pages. Page templates can cover page content layouts as well as specific ASP.NET controls that can be exposed to users.


Indicates an individual segment of content. This might be a heading, field label, or block of text. Webpages store the specific content snippets that are displayed.

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