Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.Client Namespace


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online


Class Description
System_CAPS_pubclass AuthenticationCredentials

Represents client-side user logon credentials.

System_CAPS_pubclass AuthenticationHelpers

For internal use only.

System_CAPS_pubclass CancelEventArgs

Contains arguments for a cancel event.

System_CAPS_pubclass ChannelEventArgs

Contains arguments for a WCF channel event.

System_CAPS_pubclass ChannelFaultedEventArgs

Contains arguments for a faulted WCF channel event.

System_CAPS_pubclass ClaimsPolicyConfiguration

Contains a policy configuration that identifies a Secure Token Service for use with claims authentication.

System_CAPS_pubclass CrossRealmIssuerEndpointCollection

Contains a collection of IssuerEndpointDictionary objects.

System_CAPS_pubclass DiscoveryServiceProxy

Implements IDiscoveryService and provides an authenticated WCF channel to the discovery service endpoint.

System_CAPS_pubclass EndpointSwitchEventArgs

Identifies the new and previous service endpoint URL’s for an organization.

System_CAPS_pubclass EntityLogicalNameAttribute

Identifies the logical name of an entity.

System_CAPS_pubclass IdentityProvider

Represents an identity provider.

System_CAPS_pubclass IdentityProviderDictionary

A collection of identity providers.

System_CAPS_pubclass IdentityProviderTrustConfiguration

Contains the configuration information required to use an identity provider.

System_CAPS_pubclass IdentityProviderTypeDictionary

Contains the available identity providers for a Microsoft Dynamics 365 service.

System_CAPS_pubclass IssuerEndpoint

Represents an issuer endpoint.

System_CAPS_pubclass IssuerEndpointDictionary

Contains a dictionary of IssuerEndpoint objects.

System_CAPS_pubclass LiveIdentityProviderTrustConfiguration

Contains identity provider configuration information specific to Microsoft account.

System_CAPS_pubclass LiveIdPolicyConfiguration

Contains a policy configuration that identifies a Secure Token Service for use with Microsoft account authentication.

System_CAPS_pubclass LocalIdentityProvider

Represents an Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) based identity provider.

System_CAPS_pubclass OnlineFederationPolicyConfiguration

Contains Microsoft Online Services specific information for connecting to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online) server.

System_CAPS_pubclass OnlineIdentityProvider

Represents a Microsoft Online Services based identity provider.

System_CAPS_pubclass OnlinePolicyConfiguration

Contains general information used when connecting to Microsoft Dynamics 365 (online).

System_CAPS_pubclass OrganizationServiceContext

Represents the runtime context of the data service that is used to track Microsoft Dynamics 365 entities and that sends and receives entities from the server.

System_CAPS_pubclass OrganizationServiceProxy

Implements IOrganizationService and provides an authenticated WCF channel to the organization service.

System_CAPS_pubclass OrgIdentityProviderTrustConfiguration

Contains identity provider configuration information specific to Microsoft Online Services ID.

System_CAPS_pubclass PolicyConfiguration

Contains a policy configuration that identifies a Secure Token Service (STS).

System_CAPS_pubclass ProxyTypesAssemblyAttribute

Indicates that the assembly contains early-bound types generated by the CrmSvcUtil utility.

System_CAPS_pubclass ProxyTypesBehavior

Enables early-bound entity types on a service proxy.

System_CAPS_pubclass RealmInfo

For internal use only.

System_CAPS_pubclass RequestProxyAttribute

Indicates the name of the message request, represented by the T:Microsoft.Crm.Services.Utility.SdkMessageRequest entity, to which the request corresponds.

System_CAPS_pubclass ResponseProxyAttribute

Indicates the name of the message response, represented by the T:Microsoft.Crm.Services.Utility.SdkMessageResponse entity, to which the response corresponds.

System_CAPS_pubclass SecurityTokenResponse

Contains a security token response.

System_CAPS_pubclass ServiceChannel<TChannel>

Represents a communication channel to a Microsoft Dynamics 365 service.

System_CAPS_pubclass ServiceConfigurationFactory

Represents a client factory for creating service configurations.

System_CAPS_pubclass ServiceEndpointDictionary

Contains a dictionary of ServiceEndpoint objects.

System_CAPS_pubclass ServiceEndpointMetadata

Container class for metadata information about a service.

System_CAPS_pubclass ServiceProxy<TService>

Provides an abstract base class to encapsulate service connection operations and user authentication management.

System_CAPS_pubclass ServiceUrls

Contains the primary and alternate endpoints of an organization.

System_CAPS_pubclass WindowsPolicyConfiguration

Contains a policy configuration that identifies an Active Directory provider.

System_CAPS_pubclass XrmBinding

For internal use only.


Interface Description
System_CAPS_pubinterface IEndpointSwitch

Represents the switching of a web service endpoint for an organization from a primary URL to an alternate URL.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IServiceConfiguration<TService>

Represents a configured Microsoft Dynamics 365 service.

System_CAPS_pubinterface IServiceManagement<TService>

An interface which provides a simpler authentication experience.


Enumeration Description
System_CAPS_pubenum AuthenticationProviderType

Identifies the type of identity provider used for authentication.

System_CAPS_pubenum ClientAuthenticationType

Specifies the type of authentication used by a client application.

System_CAPS_pubenum IdentityProviderType

Specifies the supported types of identity providers.

System_CAPS_pubenum MergeOption

Describes the synchronization option for sending or receiving entity data to or from a data service using the OrganizationServiceContext.

System_CAPS_pubenum SaveChangesOptions

Describes how the SaveChanges method behaves when an error occurs while updating data in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

System_CAPS_pubenum TokenServiceCredentialType

Defines the kinds of credentials accepted by a security token service.

System_CAPS_pubenum UserType

The type of user that a message request executes for.

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