Use the Organization Service to read and write data or metadata


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

In Microsoft Dynamics 365, the primary web service that accesses data and metadata for your organization is IOrganizationService. This web service contains the methods that you use to write code that uses all the data and metadata in Microsoft Dynamics 365.

To use the IOrganizationService web service, add a reference to the Microsoft.Xrm.Sdk.dll assembly to your Microsoft Visual Studio project. To access the non-core xRM messages, add a reference to the Microsoft.Crm.Sdk.Proxy.dll assembly to your project also. Alternatively, add the service reference to your project. More information: Download the endpoints using the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Developer resources page

In This Section

Organization service methods

Use messages (request and response classes) with the Execute method

Use ExecuteMultiple to improve performance for bulk data load

xRM messages in the Organization service

Dynamics 365 messages in the organization service

Perform specialized operations using Update

Organization service entities

Sample: Execute multiple requests

Sample: Execute multiple requests in transaction

Use the early bound entity classes in code

Use the late bound entity class in code

Retrieve data with queries using SDK assemblies

Extend Microsoft Dynamics 365 on the server

Authenticate users in Microsoft Dynamics 365

Discover the URL for your organization using the Organization Service

Run a simple program using Microsoft Dynamics 365 web services

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