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SiteMap XML reference


Applies To: Dynamics 365 (online), Dynamics 365 (on-premises), Dynamics CRM 2016, Dynamics CRM Online

Use SiteMap XML to edit the application navigation options available to people using Microsoft Dynamics 365.

In This Section

  • Default SiteMap XML
    This topic describes the structure of the default SiteMap and includes the XML for the default SiteMap.

  • <Area> (SiteMap)
    Specifies an area that appears in the navigation pane.

  • <Description> (SiteMap)
    Provides a description in a specific language for the parent of the Descriptions element.

  • <Descriptions> (SiteMap)
    Contains a set of localizable Descriptions for the parent element.

  • <Group> (SiteMap)
    Specifies a group of subareas.

  • <Privilege> (SiteMap)
    Controls whether a subarea is displayed based on privileges available in any security roles assigned to the user.

  • <SiteMap> (SiteMap)
    Specifies the root node for the site map.

  • <SubArea> (SiteMap)
    Specifies a navigation option within an Area. Defines what will be displayed in the main pane of the application when selected.

  • <Title> (SiteMap)
    Provides a title in a specific language for the parent of the Titles element.

  • <Titles> (SiteMap)
    Specifies a set of localizable Titles for the parent element.

Change application navigation using the SiteMap

Edit the site map

Pass parameters to a URL using the SiteMap

SiteMap schema

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