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Working with Role Centers

A Role Center is a home page in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 for all users of a profile. For example, the Order Processor Role Center has been configured to reflect the tasks and priorities of an order processor. In RoleTailored clients, the profile that is used appears in the header of the Role Center’s main content area. An administrator can then customize this Role Center to meet the needs of a specific role in a specific company. The Order Processor Role Center can then be further personalized on a single computer to meet the needs of a person who is carrying out the job as an order processor. This person can personalize the Role Center by saving queries, adding filters, and adding or removing fields.

Administrator-Configured Elements

You can configure the following elements in Role Centers:

  • Navigation pane

  • FactBoxes

  • Home parts

  • Lists

  • Task pages

  • Action menus

  • Report menus

Preconfigured Role Centers

There are 21 Role Centers available in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The following Role Centers have been fully configured:

  • 9004 - Bookkeeper Role Center

  • 9005 - Sales Manager Role Center

  • 9006 - Order Processor Role Center

All Role Centers can be used as is or can be reconfigured by an administrator or SUPER user.

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