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How to: Define Permissions for Users

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 provides a set of standard permission sets. A permission set is a collection of permissions for specific objects in the database. All users must be assigned one or more permission sets before they can use a RoleTailored client.

A number of predefined permission sets are provided by default in RoleTailored clients. You can use these permission sets as already defined, modify the default permission sets, or create additional permission sets.


A table can contain a FlowField that generates sums based on values that are stored in another table. In this case, users must have permission to read both tables or they will not be able to read the first table.

Defining Permissions for a User

To define permissions for a user

  1. In the Search box on your Home page in the RoleTailored client, type Users and then click the associated link in the Results list.

    The Users page opens.

  2. Select a user and click Edit in the ribbon.

    The Edit – User Car page opens.

    Any permission sets that are already assigned to the user are displayed in the User Permission Sets area.

  3. To assign a new permission set to the user, click to position the cursor on a blank line in the in the User Permission Sets area and then click the Assist button in the Permission Set column to display a list of existing permission sets.

  4. Click to select a permission set.

  5. If there is more than one company in your database, you can type or select a company in the Company column to restrict these permissions to that company. If you leave this column blank, the user will have the relevant permissions for the entire database.

  6. Click OK to exit the Edit – User Card page.

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