Accessibility Features of Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows Client

Microsoft is committed to making its products and services easier for everyone to use. This topic provides information about features of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV that makes the product more accessible for people with disabilities.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Instead of using a mouse or another pointing device, the keyboard can sometimes be a faster way to perform a task. For a list of the keyboard shortcuts that can be used in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV, see Keyboard Shortcuts.

Assistive technologies

Microsoft Dynamics NAV supports various assistive technologies such as screen readers and voice recognition software.


With the introduction of the ribbon in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, the navigation through menus and actions has now become easier using the keyboard. Use the F6 key to navigate through the different frames in Microsoft Dynamics NAV; use Shift+F6 to navigate backwards. To display all the access keys in the ribbon, press the Alt key.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Help offers features that make help more accessible. For more information, see Microsoft Accessibility.

For more accessibility information

You can find additional information about accessibility with Microsoft products and assistive technologies on the Microsoft Accessibility.