Item Availability by Event Window

Shows how the inventory level of an item will develop over time according to supply and demand events. The window provides a condensed view that shows one line of accumulated information per time interval in which inventory figures change. Time intervals where no events occurred are not shown. You can expand each line to show details about the event or events that caused the accumulated quantity on the line.

You can view the information by different periods, and you can apply filters to include projected demand from forecasts and blanket orders and projected supply from uncommitted orders that are suggested in the planning worksheet.

The item availability information that is shown in the window depends on where you open the window.

  • If you open the window from an item card, then it shows the item’s complete availability over time for all locations and variants.

  • If you open the window from a document line, then it shows the item’s availability over time filtered on any location or variant code used on the document line.


When you open the Item Availability by Event window from a document line, then you can insert a new date, such as a shipment date for a sales order, in the document line by selecting the line in the Item Availability by Event window with the date that you want to insert and then clicking OK. If you only use the window to view availability and do not want to insert a date, then you must close the window without clicking OK.


The header provides five filter options that you use to adjust how availability figures are displayed in the lines. In addition, you can see when the window was last updated based on changes that have been made by you or other users.


The window shows one expandable line for each period in which a supply or demand event changes the item’s availability. The Period Start field on expandable lines contains the date of the first day in the period.

One collapsible line exists for each date on which a supply or demand event changes the item’s availability. The Period Start field on collapsible lines shows the date of the event.

The availability figures are shown in five different quantity fields.

View Updated Availability

The item’s availability may change after you open the window. To update the availability figures with any changes that have been made since you opened the window, click Recalculate. The date and time of your last update is shown in the Last Updated field.


If you think that ongoing transactions may change the item’s availability figures when you are viewing the window, then you should click Recalculate regularly to include any updates.

For any line in the Item Availability by Event window, you can open the related document or journal line to see details about the source of the availability figure. Select the line that you want details about, and then click Show Document.

If you click Show Document for an availability line that has a value in the Suggested Projected Inventory field, then the uncommitted supply order that is suggested in the planning worksheet opens.


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