Data Security

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV security system allows you to control which objects or tables a user can access within each database. You can specify the type of access that each user has to these objects and tables, whether they are able to read, modify, or enter data.

The Microsoft Dynamics NAV Security System

You can specify which records are stored in the tables that each user is allowed to access. This means that permissions can be allocated at both the table level and the record level.

The security system contains information about the permissions that have been granted to each user who can access a particular database.

This information includes the roles that the users have been assigned, as well as any permissions that they have been granted to individual users.

There are four different levels of security:

  • Database

  • Company

  • Object

  • Record

Graphically, these can be represented as the layers, where the central layer is the records in the database.

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