OCX Data Type

References a custom control, such as OCX or ActiveX control.



OCX data types are not supported by Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client.

To use a control in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, define a variable of type OCX and give it a name. Then choose the lookup button in the Subtype field to locate and select the control that you want to use. You select from a list of installed controls, and when you select one, the GUID of the control is inserted. When the focus leaves the Subtype field, the name of the control is substituted for the GUID.

When you have defined a control as a variable, you can use the control through the variable, and you can browse its methods and properties in the Symbol Menu.

When you are using a control, there is no one-to-one relationship between C/AL data types and COM data types. For an overview of the data type mapping, see Using COM Technologies in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.