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Extending Any Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client Using Control Add-ins

With Microsoft Dynamics NAV you can write control add-ins that add custom functionality to Role Centers and pages on all display targets, using the same extensibility framework. The following sections provide an overview of the documentation that is available to develop and use control add-ins.

Control add-ins that are designed with Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 or Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 using a .NET 4.5 assembly and a manifest file, can be used on all display targets. Control add-ins that were written for earlier versions, will still run on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Windows client.


Javascript-based client add-ins in repeater controls, such as lists, listparts, list subpages, and worksheets, are not supported on any of the Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients.

Getting an Overview of Client Control Add-ins

To See

Get a general overview about client control add-ins and where they fit in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015 architecture.

Extending Any Microsoft Dynamics NAV Client Using Control Add-ins

Go through an example of how to implement a simple control add-in, creating a .NET assembly, a manifest file, and a page to display the control add-in from.

Walkthrough: Creating and Using a Client Control Add-in

Review an example of a manifest file.

Manifest Overview

Get reference Help on the available methods for the extensibility framework.

InvokeExtensibilityMethod Method, GetImageResource Method, and GetEnvironment Method.

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