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Designing Word Report Layouts

A Word report layout is a based on Word document (.docx file type) that acts as a template for viewing and printing reports from Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients. Word report layouts enable you to design report layouts by using Word 2013. Word report layouts are built on custom XML parts in Word. A custom XML part is structured XML that represents the dataset of a Microsoft Dynamics NAV report. The custom XML part is used to map the data into a report at run time.

From the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Development Environment, you can create and modify built-in Word report layouts on reports. The layouts that you create on reports in the development environment become part of the report objects in the database.

From the Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients, Microsoft Dynamics NAV users you can manage the Word report layouts that are used on reports. This includes adding a built-in Word report layout, creating custom Word report layouts on a report, and changing which report layout is currently active on a report. For more information about how to manage Word report layouts from the Microsoft Dynamics NAV clients, see Managing Report Layouts From the Microsoft Dynamics NAV Clients in the Application Help for Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2015.

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