Namespaces Property

Specifies namespaces on the XMLport.

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You can use this property to declare one or more namespaces on the XMLport. To add a namespace, you can choose the AssistEdit button or enter the namespaces directly in the field.

A namespace declaration consists of prefix and the namespace name, which has the format prefix=namespace. Separate multiple namespaces with a comma.

In the XML documents exported or imported by the XMLport, the namespaces declarations are only supported in the <root> element. For example, if an XMLport has the namespace mynavprefix=mynavnamepace and the default namespace urn:nav:schema:all, then the root element will be as follows:

<Root xmlns:mynavprefix="mynavnamespace" xmlns="urn:nav:schema:all">

To specify a default namespace, leave the Prefix field blank. You can also specify the default namespace by specifying the namespace in the DefaultNamespace Property and setting the UseDefaultNamespace Property to Yes. However, there can only be one default namespace. So if you want to specify a default namespace in the Namespace property, you must set the UseDefaultNamespace Property to No.

For more information about namespaces with XMLports, see see Using Namespaces with XMLports.

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