Best Practices with Microsoft Dynamics NAV Events

This topic provides naming and coding guidelines for using events in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Naming Conventions

Item Guideline Example

Event publisher function

The name should indicate the circumstances when the published event is raised. Begin the name with On followed by a descriptive name that can be easily identified.


Event subscriber function

The name should indicate what the operation that the subscriber performs. Begin the name with a phrase that indicates what the subscriber does, followed by the name of the publisher function to which it subscribes.


Variables and parameters

Follow the naming conventions that are defined in Naming Conventions. It is important that you define appropriate names from the beginning because the name becomes part of the interface definition.

Coding Guidelines

  • Whenever possible, make events local, so that all pre and post validation can remain in the object.

  • Use VAR parameters with care because they form a stricter coupling between the publisher and the subscriber.