Field Virtual Table

The Field virtual table (ID 2000000041) contains information about fields in database tables. The Field virtual table contains the following fields.

Field Description
TableNo The ID number for the table.
No. The number assigned to the field.
Table Name The name of the table.
FieldName The name of the field.
Type The data type assigned to the field, for example, decimal.
Len The length of the field entry in bytes.
Class The class of the field, for example, FlowField.
Enabled Whether the field is enabled.
Type Name The data type assigned to the field. The length of the field entry in bytes is included for Code and Text data types.
Field Caption The caption of the field in the language that has been selected.
RelationTableNo The ID number for the table that the field is related to.
SQLDataType The data type assigned to code fields.
ObsoleteState Whether the table is or will become obsolete (deprecated).
ObsoleteReason Why a table has been marked as Pending or Obsolete in the ObsoleteState property.
DataClassification The classification of data in the field.

You must create a tabular-type page to access the Field table. For more information, see How to: Create a Page to View a Virtual Table.


For performance reasons, in pages that use the Field virtual table, the RelationFieldNo field is blank for fields with complex table relations. To parse all fields that have any table relationships is time consuming. Accordingly, data such as complex table relations is not available in windows such as the RapidStart Services configuration worksheet.

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