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How to: Use an Access Key for SOAP and OData Web Service Authentication

If your solution is configured for NavUserPassword or AccessControlService authentication, then you can configure Dynamics NAV user accounts to include an access key that can be used instead of a password to authenticate SOAP and OData web service requests. A web service access key is a random 44 character string that is associated with the user account. Because it can only be used for SOAP and OData web services, it does not require the same level of protection as a password.

Generating a Web Service Access Key

To generate a web service access key for a Dynamics NAV user

  1. In the RoleTailored client in the Search box, enter Users, and then choose the Users link in the Results list.

    The Users page opens.


    For more information about how to create a user, see How to: Create Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users.

  2. Select a user and choose Edit in the ribbon.

  3. In the Web Service Access section, choose the AssistEdit button that is next the Web Service Access Key field.

  4. In the Set the Web Service Access Key window, if you do not want the key to expire, select the Key Never Expires check box. If you want the key to expire, set the Key Expiration Date field to the date.

  5. Choose the OK button.

    The access key is automatically generated and appears in the Web Service Access Key field.

Implementing the Web Service Access Key

Typically, you would create a user account strictly for web services, and then use the account's credentials, which include the user name and access key, in a web service application. For example, if you develop your own web service application, then you can design your application to programmatically pass the credentials to the web service. Some applications, such as Microsoft Excel PowerPivot, let you provide the connection credentials through a user interface. The key tasks for implementing the web service access key are as follows.

To implement a web service access key

  1. Create a user specifically for web services.

    For more information, see How to: Create Microsoft Dynamics NAV Users.

  2. Generate a web service access key in the user account.

  3. Use the access key in the web service application.

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