IndentationControls Property

Sets which columns (controls) are indented in a list.

Applies To

  • Repeater subtype controls on page


To access the Indent Controls window, select a Group container in Page Designer and then view properties. The Indentation Controls property lets you choose which columns are indented under a group control on a List page. Choose the Assistbutton to open the Indent Controls window. In the Indent Controls window, you can see all the field controls that are under a Group container on a List page.

Define which columns you want to indent by selecting the appropriate field control in the Indentation column. Choose the OK button and the selected fields appear as comma-separated values in the Value column of the IndentationControls property in the Properties window.


When indentation is specified, it is no longer possible to use sorting on the columns in the repeater control.


Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client supports indentation on one column only. If you specify more than one column in the IndentationControls property, only the first column is used when the page is displayed in Microsoft Dynamics NAV Web client.

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