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MESSAGE Function (Dialog)

Displays a text string in a message window.


MESSAGE(String [, Value1, …])  


Type: Code or text constant

This string contains the text you want the system to display in the message window. Use a backslash (\) to start a new line. Use percent signs (%) to insert variable values into the string. Place the percent where you want the system to substitute the variable value. The string can be a text constant that is enabled for multilanguage functionality. For more information, see Multilanguage Development.

Value1, …
Type: Any

Any type of C/AL variable you want to insert into String. You can insert up to 10 values.


When a message statement in the C/AL code is executed, the message is not immediately displayed. Instead, it is displayed after the C/AL code is finished executing or after the C/AL code pauses to wait for user interaction.

The window is automatically sized to hold the longest line of text and the total number of lines.

For NAS sessions or Dynamics NAV sessions (including NAS) that are started by the STARTSESSION Function (Sessions), messages are recorded in the event log of the computer that is running Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server. The message entries have the ID 100 and type Information.

Programming Guidelines

We recommend the following guidelines for messages:


This example shows how to use the MESSAGE function.

This code requires you to create the following variables.

Variable DataType
Text Text
Number Decimal

This code requires you to create the following text constants.

Text constant ENU value
Text000 You can use message windows to display text and numbers: \
Text001 The number: %1 \
Text002 The text: %2
Text := 'ABCDE';  
Number := 12345.678;  
// The backslash indicates a new line.  
// You can concatenate strings using the + operator.  
// You can insert variable values using the % symbol.  
MESSAGE(Text000 + Text001 + Text002, Number, Text);  

The message window reads:

You can use message windows to display text and numbers:

The number: 12,345.678

The text: ABCDE

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