Microsoft Ajax

Microsoft Ajax features enable you to quickly create Web pages that provide a rich user experience and that include responsive and familiar user interface (UI) elements. Microsoft Ajax includes client-script libraries that incorporate cross-browser ECMAScript (JavaScript) and dynamic HTML (DHTML) technologies. By using Microsoft Ajax, you can improve the user experience and the efficiency of your Web applications.

Microsoft Ajax applications are compatible with all popular modern Web browsers, including Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

This topic contains the following sections:

  • Enhancing Web Applications

  • Microsoft Ajax Documentaton Map

Enhancing Web Applications

You can use Microsoft Ajax to enhance server-based ASP.NET Web applications or ASP.NET MVC applications by adding client-side functionality that makes these applications more responsive and interactive. For example, you can use Microsoft Ajax client controls to display collapsible panels and tabs.

Microsoft Ajax Documentation Map

The documentation for Microsoft Ajax includes overviews, tutorials, and an API reference. This documentation is included on MSDN. The following table provides details about using the documentation to help work with Microsoft Ajax in ASP.NET.

Using the Microsoft Ajax Library API

Microsoft Ajax Library Client Reference

This documentation includes API reference for the following types and members:

  • Base type extensions

  • Global shortcuts

  • Client namespaces

  • Client types

Using Ajax in server-based ASP.NET Web applications

Microsoft Ajax

This documentation describes the following:

  • An overview of using Ajax.

  • Ajax client life-cycle events

  • An overview of partial-page rendering.

  • How to manage browser history.

  • How to globalize and localize script libraries.

Working Microsoft Ajax server controls

The following documentation describes ASP.NET Web server controls that include Ajax functionality:

Using the Microsoft Ajax Web server control API

This documentation includes API reference for the following types that are in the .NET Framework:

Extending Microsoft Ajax

This documentation explains how to extend Microsoft Ajax and includes the following topics:

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