Microsoft.VisualStudio.Uml.Presentation Namespace

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This namespace defines interfaces to the shapes that present the UML model elements, and the diagrams on which the shapes appear.


  Class Description
Public class ExtensibilityPresentationMapper
Public class PresentationHelpers Extension methods to help dealing with presentation elements.


  Interface Description
Public interface IActivityDiagram An activity diagram displays an IActivity.
Public interface IActivityDiagramContext Defines a context that tells the active activity diagram.
Public interface IClassDiagram A class diagram displays classes, interfaces, enumerations and their relationships.
Public interface IClassDiagramContext Defines a context that tells the active class diagram.
Public interface IColorShape
Public interface IComponentDiagram A component diagram displays components and their parts and interconnections.
Public interface IComponentDiagramContext Defines a context that tells the component class diagram.
Public interface IDiagram Represents any type of UML diagram.
Public interface IDiagramContext Provides information about the active diagram.
Public interface IDiagramElementOperations Defines common operations implmented by a UML diagram.
Public interface ISequenceDiagram A sequence diagram displays a UML Interaction.
Public interface ISequenceDiagramContext Provides the active sequence diagram.
Public interface IShape A shape on a UML diagram, such as a node, connector, port, and so forth.
Public interface IShape<T> A strongly-typed IShape for UML elements of a particular type.
Public interface IUseCaseDiagram A use case diagram displays use cases, actors, and systems.
Public interface IUseCaseDiagramContext Defines a context that tells the active use case diagram.


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration SequenceDiagramLayoutKinds Specifies the kind of Layout to perform on the Sequence diagram.