ZoomSlider Members

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Represents the ZoomSlider element of the NavigationBar control.

The following tables list the members exposed by the ZoomSlider type.

Public Constructors

  Name Description
ZoomSlider Initializes a new instance of the ZoomSlider class.


Public Fields

  Name Description
public fieldstatic TrackMarkStyleProperty Identifies the TrackMarkStyle dependency property.


Public Properties

(see also Protected Properties)

  Name Description
public property ActualHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property ActualWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Background  (inherited from Control)
public property BorderBrush  (inherited from Control)
public property BorderThickness  (inherited from Control)
public property CacheMode  (inherited from UIElement)
public property Clip  (inherited from UIElement)
public property Cursor  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property DataContext  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property DesiredSize  (inherited from UIElement)
public property Dispatcher  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public property Effect  (inherited from UIElement)
public property FontFamily  (inherited from Control)
public property FontSize  (inherited from Control)
public property FontStretch  (inherited from Control)
public property FontStyle  (inherited from Control)
public property FontWeight  (inherited from Control)
public property Foreground  (inherited from Control)
public property Height  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property HorizontalAlignment  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property HorizontalContentAlignment  (inherited from Control)
public property IsDraggingThumb Gets a value indicating whether the slider of the zoom slider control is being dragged.
public property IsEnabled  (inherited from Control)
public property IsHitTestVisible  (inherited from UIElement)
public property IsTabStop  (inherited from Control)
public property Language  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property LargeChange  (inherited from RangeBase)
public property Margin  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property MaxHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Maximum  (inherited from RangeBase)
public property MaxWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property MinHeight  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Minimum  (inherited from RangeBase)
public property MinWidth  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Name  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Opacity  (inherited from UIElement)
public property OpacityMask  (inherited from UIElement)
public property Padding  (inherited from Control)
public property Parent  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Projection  (inherited from UIElement)
public property RenderSize  (inherited from UIElement)
public property RenderTransform  (inherited from UIElement)
public property RenderTransformOrigin  (inherited from UIElement)
public property Resources  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property SmallChange  (inherited from RangeBase)
public property Style  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property TabIndex  (inherited from Control)
public property TabNavigation  (inherited from Control)
public property Tag  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property Template  (inherited from Control)
public property TrackMarkStyle Gets or sets the Style applied to the vertical track marks on the zoom slider.
public property Triggers  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property UseLayoutRounding  (inherited from UIElement)
public property Value  (inherited from RangeBase)
public property VerticalAlignment  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public property VerticalContentAlignment  (inherited from Control)
public property Visibility  (inherited from UIElement)
public property Width  (inherited from FrameworkElement)


Protected Properties

  Name Description
protected property DefaultStyleKey  (inherited from Control)
protected property TrackPanel Gets the Panel that contains the TrackMark controls.


Public Methods

(see also Protected Methods)

  Name Description
public method AddHandler  (inherited from UIElement)
public method ApplyTemplate  (inherited from Control)
public method Arrange  (inherited from UIElement)
public method CaptureMouse  (inherited from UIElement)
public method CheckAccess  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public method ClearValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public method Equals  (inherited from Object)
public method FindName  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method Focus  (inherited from Control)
public method GetAnimationBaseValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public method GetBindingExpression  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method GetHashCode  (inherited from Object)
public method GetType  (inherited from Object)
public method GetValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public method InvalidateArrange  (inherited from UIElement)
public method InvalidateMeasure  (inherited from UIElement)
public method Measure  (inherited from UIElement)
public method OnApplyTemplate Overridden. Enables the ability to provide custom handling when a new control template is applied to the ZoomSlider control using the ApplyTemplate method.
public method ReadLocalValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public method ReleaseMouseCapture  (inherited from UIElement)
public method RemoveHandler  (inherited from UIElement)
public method SetBinding  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public method SetValue  (inherited from DependencyObject)
public method ToString  Overridden. (inherited from Object)
public method TransformToVisual  (inherited from UIElement)
public method UpdateLayout  (inherited from UIElement)


Protected Methods

  Name Description
protected method ArrangeOverride  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method Finalize  (inherited from Object)
protected method GetTemplateChild  (inherited from Control)
protected method MeasureOverride  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (inherited from Object)
protected method NotifyValueChange Raises a ValueChanged event without changing the actual value of the ZoomSlider.
protected method OnCreateAutomationPeer  (inherited from UIElement)
protected method OnGotFocus  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnKeyDown  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnKeyUp  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnLostFocus  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnLostMouseCapture  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMaximumChanged Overridden. Enables the ability to provide custom handling when the maximum value of the zoom slider is changed.
protected method OnMinimumChanged Overridden. Enables the ability to provide custom handling when the minimum value of the zoom slider is changed.
protected method OnMouseEnter  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseLeave  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseLeftButtonDown  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseLeftButtonUp  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseMove  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnMouseWheel  (inherited from Control)
protected method OnValueChanged Overridden. Enables the ability to provide custom handling when the Value property of the ZoomSlider control is changed.
protected method UpdateThumbPosition When overridden in a derived class, updates the position of the slider.
protected method UpdateTrackMarks When overridden in a derived class, updates the track marks of the zoom slider.


Public Events

  Name Description
public event BindingValidationError  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event DragCompleted Occurs when a drag of the ZoomSlider is completed.
public event GotFocus  (inherited from UIElement)
public event IsEnabledChanged  (inherited from Control)
public event KeyDown  (inherited from UIElement)
public event KeyUp  (inherited from UIElement)
public event LayoutUpdated  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event Loaded  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event LostFocus  (inherited from UIElement)
public event LostMouseCapture  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseEnter  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeave  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeftButtonDown  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseLeftButtonUp  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseMove  (inherited from UIElement)
public event MouseWheel  (inherited from UIElement)
public event SizeChanged  (inherited from FrameworkElement)
public event ValueChanged  (inherited from RangeBase)


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