System.Dataflow Namespace

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  Class Description
Public class BuildErrorWithLocationEventArgs
Public class BuildMessageWithLocationEventArgs
Public class BuildWarningWithLocationEventArgs
Public class ByteArrayConverter
Public class DataflowErrorCode
Public class DataflowException
Public class DefaultGraphStore
Public class DefaultGraphStoreCollectionBase
Public class DefaultGraphStoreCollectionNode
Public class DefaultGraphStoreCompositeNode
Public class DefaultGraphStoreConstantNode
Public class DefaultGraphStoreListNode
Public class DefaultGraphStoreNode
Public class DefaultGraphStoreRecordNode
Public class DefaultGraphStoreTupleNode
Public class EntityStencil
Public class ErrorInformation
Public class ErrorReporter
Public class GlrState
Public class GrammarProfiler
Public class GraphBuilder
Public class GraphConverter
Public class GraphNode
Public class GraphReader
Public class GraphReaderQuotas
Public class GraphReaderWriterException
Public class GraphReferenceResolver
Public class GraphReferenceTable
Public class GraphSerializer
Public class GraphStore The abstract base for all graph store implementations.
Public class GraphStoreDictionaryAdapter
Public class GraphStoreEdgeCollectionAdapter
Public class GraphStoreListAdapter< (Of < ( <'Node> ) > ) >
Public class GraphStoreNodeCollectionAdapter
Public class GraphTextReader
Public class GraphTextWriter
Public class GraphUtilities
Public class GraphWriter
Public class Identifier
Public class IdentityAtomizer
Public class Interval
Public class Interval< (Of < ( <'T> ) > ) >
Public class IntervalMap< (Of < ( <'TEndpoint, TData> ) > ) >
Public class ItemProfiler
Public class ItemProfiler. . :: . .ProfileItem
Public class ItemProfiler. . :: . .ProfileItemSet
Public class Label
Public class Lexer
Public class MaxMunchDisambiguate
Public class NodeGraphBuilder
Public class NodeStencil
Public class Pair< (Of < ( <'TFirst, TSecond> ) > ) >
Public class ParseContext
Public class ParseException
Public class Parser
Public class ParserCheckpoint
Public class ParserFactory
Public class ParseState
Public class ParseToken
Public class Reduction
Public class RuntimeEnvironment
Public class RuntimeUtilities
Public class SequenceStencil
Public class SilentReporter
Public class SourceContext
Public class SourceLocation
Public class SourcePointConverter
Public class SourceSpanConverter
Public class StreamReaderTextStream
Public class StringTextStream
Public class SyntaxMatchedEventArgs
Public class TermConstructionRuntime
Public class TermValuesWrapper
Public class TextReaderTextStream
Public class TextWriterReporter
Public class TokenActionData
Public class TokenMatchedEventArgs


  Structure Description
Public structure CharacterRange
Public structure CompactNfa
Public structure CompactState
Public structure CompactTransition
Public structure Edge An edge in an Mgraph structure.
Public structure EdgeCollection
Public structure EdgeCollectionEnumerator
Public structure EmbeddableEnumeratorState
Public structure GraphDictionary
Public structure GraphDictionaryEnumerator
Public structure GraphList
Public structure GraphListEnumerator
Public structure GraphReference
Public structure LexerStateEntry
Public structure LexerTokenEntry
Public structure LexerTransition
Public structure NfaAction
Public structure Node Represents a node in an Mgraph structure, which is used to represent values in the modeling language.
Public structure NodeCollection
Public structure NodeCollectionEnumerator
Public structure ParserDefinitionEntry
Public structure ParserDefinitionGotoEntry
Public structure ParserProductionEntry
Public structure ParserStateEntry
Public structure ParserTokenGotoEntry
Public structure SourcePoint
Public structure SourceSpan
Public structure TermConstructionInstruction


  Interface Description
Public interface IBuildWithLocationEventArgs
Public interface IDisambiguate
Public interface IEntityBuilder
Public interface IGraphBuilder
Public interface IMultipleSourceLocation
Public interface IParserFactory
Public interface IRuntime
Public interface IRuntimeEnvironment
Public interface IRuntimeInitialization
Public interface ISequenceBuilder
Public interface ISourceInfo
Public interface ISourceLocation
Public interface ISplitCollection
Public interface IStackState
Public interface ITextStream


  Delegate Description
Public delegate TokenActionRequestHandler


  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration AccumulatorAction
Public enumeration ConstantClassification
Public enumeration ErrorLevel
Public enumeration GraphStreamTokenKind
Public enumeration NfaActionOpcode
Public enumeration NodeKind
Public enumeration ParserDefinitionProperties
Public enumeration SpanOverlap
Public enumeration TermConstructionOpcode