Weekly Operations Checklist

[This is pre-release documentation and subject to change in future releases. This topic's current status is: Writing Not Started.]

Applies to: Exchange Server 2010 Beta

Use these checklists to record weekly operations. You can modify these checklists based on your organization's requirements.

Checklist: Create Reports

Use this checklist to create status reports to help with capacity planning, service level agreement (SLA) reviews, and performance analysis.

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Use daily data from event log and System Monitor to create reports.


Report on disk usage.


Create reports on memory and CPU usage.


Generate uptime and availability reports.


Generate database and mailbox sizes.


Create capacity reports from messages sent and client logons.


Create reports on queue use, size, and growth.

Checklist: Incident Reports

Use this checklist to create incident reports.

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List the top generated, resolved, and pending incidents.


Create solutions for unresolved incidents.


Update reports to include new trouble tickets.


Create a document depository for troubleshooting guides and post- mortems about outages.

Checklist: Antivirus Defense

Use this checklist to perform your antivirus defense.

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Perform a virus scan on each computer; however, exclude drives that are specifically for Exchange (SMTP/Exchange Databases/Logs, and so on).

Checklist: Status Meeting

Use this checklist to conduct weekly status meetings during which the tasks are reviewed.

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Server and network status for the overall organization and segments.


Organizational performance and availability.


Overview reports and incidents.


Risk analysis and evaluation including upcoming changes.


Capacity, availability, and performance reviews.


Service level agreement (SLA) performance, and review items that have not met target objectives.