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A dynamic distribution group is a collection of mailbox users, other distribution groups, mail-enabled users, and mail-enabled contacts. Unlike regular distribution groups that contain a defined set of members, the membership list for dynamic distribution groups is calculated based on the filters and conditions that you define. When an e-mail message is sent to a dynamic distribution group, it is delivered to all recipients in the organization that match the criteria defined for that dynamic distribution group. For more information, see Understanding Recipients.

To focus on a set of items in the result pane that have specific attributes, you can use a variety of expressions to filter the list. For more information about filters, see Filter the Result Pane.

When you select a dynamic distribution group in the result pane, the following actions are available either by right-clicking the dynamic distribution group name or by using the action pane.

  • Remove
    Click Remove to permanently remove the dynamic distribution group and to delete it from Active Directory.
  • Send Mail
    Click Send Mail to send an e-mail message to recipients by using the Exchange Management Console. Select the recipient or multiple recipients in the result pane, and then click Send Mail in the action pane. You must configure an e-mail account on the computer from which you are sending mail.


    You can only send mail to multiple selected recipients if they are all of the same recipient type.

    You can send mail to the following recipient types:

    • User Mailboxes

    • Mail Contacts

    • Mail Users

    • Dynamic Distribution Groups

    • Distribution Groups

    You cannot send mail to resource mailboxes.


If you select both mail-enabled distribution groups and dynamic distribution groups from the result pane, the Remove and Properties actions are not available.

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