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EWS Managed API 2.0

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Applies to: EWS Managed API

The Exchange Web Services (EWS) Managed API provides a simple and full-featured interface for developing and extending applications that use EWS. You can use the EWS Managed API to access EWS in versions of Exchange starting with Exchange Server 2007 Service Pack 1 (SP1), including Exchange Online.

The EWS Managed API provides user-friendly abstractions of XML messages, XML serialization, and the formation of the HTTP requests and responses that are sent between the client and server.

You can download the EWS Managed API from the Microsoft Download Center.

Develop EWS Managed API solutions

Get started

Get started with the EWS Managed API

New to EWS Managed API? Let’s get started! Download the API, and then get started with your first application.

New features and scenarios

New EWS Managed API features

Whether you're an experienced EWS developer or you’re new to Exchange development, the EWS Managed API is made for you. Check out some of the new features and functionality.

Code samples and downloads

Exchange 2013 101 Code Samples

Get into code mode by downloading 101 EWS Managed API code samples.



EWS Managed API concepts



Working with the EWS Managed API



EWS Managed API namespaces