System.Gadget.docked Property

Gets the dock state of the gadget in relation to the Windows Sidebar.

This property is read-only.


propVal = System.Gadget.docked()



  • bDocked [out]
    Retrieves the docked state of the gadget.

    Value Meaning

    Gadget is docked in the Sidebar.


    Gadget is undocked from the Sidebar.



This property is updated by the onDock and onUndock events.


The following example demonstrates how to modify the appearance of a gadget based on its dock state.

// Gadget width and height.
var gadgetWidth = 130;
var gadgetHeight = 108;

// Amount to scale gadget when docked or undocked.
var scaleDocked = 1;
var scaleUndocked = 2;

// Amount of time desired to perform transition (in seconds).
var timeTransition = 2;

// Declare the dock and undock event handlers.
System.Gadget.onDock = CheckDockState;
System.Gadget.onUndock = CheckDockState;

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// Check the gadget dock state; set the gadget style.
// imgBackground is the value of the 'id' attribute for the 
// g:background element.
// --------------------------------------------------------------------
function CheckDockState()
    var oBackground = document.getElementById("imgBackground");
    var oBody =;
    if (System.Gadget.docked)
        oBody.width = gadgetWidth*scaleDocked;
        oBody.height = gadgetHeight*scaleDocked;
        oBackground.src = "url(../images/bg_docked.png)";
        txtDocked.className = 'gadgetDocked';
        txtDocked.innerText = 'Docked';
        oBody.width = gadgetWidth*scaleUndocked;
        oBody.height = gadgetHeight*scaleUndocked;  
        oBackground.src = "url(../images/bg_undocked.png)";
        txtDocked.className = 'gadgetUndocked';
        txtDocked.innerText = 'Undocked';
    System.Gadget.endTransition(System.Gadget.TransitionType.morph, timeTransition);


Minimum supported client Windows Vista
Minimum supported server Windows Server 2008
IDL Sidebar.idl
DLL Sidebar.Exe version 1.00 or later

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