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The Cable Guy articles are written by Joe Davies, an award-winning technical writer in the Windows Server group at Microsoft. He has been a technical writer and instructor of TCP/IP and Windows networking technology topics since 1992.

As an instructor, he developed and delivered a large amount of training material for both internal Microsoft training organizations and for a series of courses taught at a local community college. At Microsoft, he wrote introductory and advanced courses on TCP/IP and a course on the Windows NT 4.0 Routing and Remote Access Service.

As a technical writer for Windows product documentation, he wrote the following:

  • The Windows 2000 product documentation and Windows Server 2000 Resource Kit chapters on TCP/IP, routing, remote access, and virtual private networking

  • The Windows XP product documentation on Internet Protocol security (IPsec) and Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6)

  • Portions of the Windows Server 2003 product documentation and Windows Server 2003 Technical Reference sections on TCP/IP, IPsec, IPv6, Internet Authentication Service (IAS), remote access, routing, and virtual private networking

  • The Windows Server 2008 R2 online documentation for DirectAccess

    The DirectAccess Design Guide is the winner of a Merit Award by the Puget Sound chapter of the Society for Technical Communication (STC).

He is author of the following books published by Microsoft Press:

He has also written the free online book TCP/IP Fundamentals for Microsoft Windows and numerous white papers and articles available from the TechNet Technologies and Solutions Web sites.

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