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HBA_GetVendorLibraryAttributes routine

The HBA_GetVendorLibraryAttributes routine retrieves the vendor-specific attributes of the fibre channel HBA API library.


HBA_UINT32 HBA_API HBA_GetVendorLibraryAttributes(
  _In_  HBA_UINT32            AdapterIndex,


  • AdapterIndex [in]
    Contains an adapter index that identifies which library to query. Each library is associated with one or more HBAs. This routine uses an index to identify the HBA so that the caller does not have to open the adapter to obtain a name or handle. The HBA API library can be associated with more than one HBA, so the same library attributes might be retrieved for different HBAs. The adapter index must be within the range of values returned by HBA_GetNumberOfAdapters.

  • Attributes [out]
    Pointer, on return, to a structure of type HBA_LibraryAttributes that holds the attributes of the library associated with the adapter referenced by AdapterIndex.

Return value

The HBA_GetVendorLibraryAttributes routine returns a value that indicates the version of the specification with which the library is compliant. A value of 1 indicates version 1 of the specification. A value of 2 indicates version 2 of the specification. All other values are reserved until the future versions of the specification are published.


The HBA_GetVendorLibraryAttributes routine, as defined by the T11 committee's Fibre Channel HBA API specification, retrieves information about a vendor-supplied HBA API library, and the related routine HBA_GetWrapperLibraryAttributes reports the characteristics of a system-supplied wrapper library that works with the vendor library to provide the fibre channel HBA API.

In particular, the HBA_GetVendorLibraryAttributes routine allows the caller to determine whether a compatible library is installed.

Microsoft supplies both libraries, so currently they return the same information.


Target platform



Hbaapi.h (include Hbaapi.h)





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