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HBA_SendSRL routine

The HBA_SendSRL routine issues a scan remote loop (SRL) request through the specified HBA to a specified domain controller.


  _In_    HBA_HANDLE handle,
  _In_    HBA_WWN    hbaPortWWN,
  _In_    HBA_WWN    wwn,
  _In_    HBA_UINT32 domain,
  _Out_   void       *pRspBuffer,
  _Inout_ HBA_UINT32 *pRspBufferSize


  • handle [in]
    Contains a value returned by the routine HBA_OpenAdapter that identifies the HBA through which the request is sent.

  • hbaPortWWN [in]
    Contains a 64-bit worldwide name (WWN) that uniquely identifies the port through which the SRL request is sent. For a discussion of worldwide names, see the T11 committee's Fibre Channel HBA API specification.

  • wwn [in]
    Contains a 64-bit WWN that uniquely identifies the FL_Port port that is associated with the loop that is scanned. The SRL request is sent to this port. If this member is NULL, it is ignored, and the SRL request is sent to the domain controller that is associated with the loop. The domain controller is identified by the value in domain.

  • domain [in]
    Indicates the number of the domain controller associated with the loops to scan. If wwn is nonzero, this member is ignored.

  • pRspBuffer [out]
    Pointer to a buffer that receives the output data of the SRL request.

  • pRspBufferSize [in, out]
    On input, indicates the size, in bytes, of the buffer at pRspBuffer. On output, this member contains the number of bytes of data retrieved in pRspBuffer. If the buffer is not large enough to receive all of the response data, the data is truncated to the size of the buffer. Eight bytes is sufficient buffer space for any response.

Return value

The HBA_SendSRL routine returns a value of type HBA_STATUS that indicates the status of the HBA. In particular, HBA_SendSRL returns one of the following values.

Return code Description

Returned if the complete payload of a reply to the SRL request was successfully retrieved.


Returned if the HBA referenced by handle does not contain a port with a name that matches hbaPortWWN.


Returned if the destination port referenced by wwn, or the domain controller referenced by domain, rejected the request node identification information data (RNID) that identifies the source HBA.


Returned if an unspecified error occurred that prevented the execution of the SRL request.



Target platform



Hbaapi.h (include Hbaapi.h)





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