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Joining the Messenger Connect Beta

Are you ready to build your application with Messenger Connect? We can help you get started.

To ensure the best experience for users and partners, we will be gradually letting more developers into the beta. To join the Messenger Connect beta, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Get a Windows Live ID. Even if you already have a Windows Live ID, you should create a separate one for this beta. The applications that you create are tied to this Windows Live ID. By creating a new Windows Live ID, other people in your organization who need to manage the application can use this Windows Live ID.
  2. Apply to join the beta. The Microsoft Connect site provides the best way for us to communicate with you about the status of the beta program. The form takes just a few minutes to complete.

After your application to join the Messenger Connect beta is approved, we will contact you with the information that you need to create the Client ID you use in your application through the application management site. The time it takes for us to approve applications might vary, but we’ll try not to keep you waiting too long!

Can’t wait?

If you just can’t wait until your application is approved, why not try out the Interactive SDK? You can try out all the features of Messenger Connect, and get a sense of which features are the best fit for your application. You can get a good idea of what your users will see by downloading the beta of the Windows Live Essentials from

Terms of Service

You need to know the terms of service before you build your application. Read about them here.