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Getting Started with LightSwitch


For the latest documentation on Visual Studio 2017, see Visual Studio 2017 Documentation.

You can build business applications quickly by concentrating on the business logic instead of the application infrastructure if you use the simplified development environment of Visual Studio LightSwitch.

For a quick introduction to the LightSwitch development environment and its most common features, see Walkthrough: Creating the Vision Clinic Application, which demonstrates how to create an application for a fictional vision clinic.

For a more detailed introduction, see LightSwitch Guided Tour, which explains not only what you're doing but also why.

Title Description
LightSwitch Development Environment Describes the tools such as the entity designer and the query designer in the development environment.
LightSwitch Guided Tour Contains links to a set of sequential lessons that cover most of the capabilities of LightSwitch.
Walkthrough: Creating the Vision Clinic Application Shows how to create an application for a fictional vision clinic that demonstrates the capabilities of LightSwitch.
LightSwitch as a Data Source Shows how to work with OData feeds that LightSwitch generates.
Walkthrough: Creating a Client for Mobile Users Shows how to create a client application in HTML.
Walkthrough: Creating an App for SharePoint by Using LightSwitch Shows how to create an application that's autohosted on SharePoint for Office 365.
Community: Connecting with Other LightSwitch Developers Contains information about and links to community resources such as forums, blogs, and websites about LightSwitch.
Troubleshooting LightSwitch Contains information about frequently encountered issues and the steps to resolve them.

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