msthumbnailclick | onmsthumbnailclick event

Occurs when a user clicks a button in a Thumbnail Toolbar.

Internet Explorer 9



HTML Attribute <element onmsthumbnailclick = "handler(event)">
Event Property object.onmsthumbnailclick = handler;
attachEvent Method object.attachEvent("onmsthumbnailclick", handler)
addEventListener Method object.addEventListener("msthumbnailclick", handler, useCapture)


Event information

Synchronous No
Bubbles No
Cancelable No


Event handler parameters

Standards information

There are no standards that apply here.


The onmsthumbnailclick event is available only to documents that are launched from a pinned site shortcut. For more information, see msAddSiteMode.

To invoke this event, do one of the following:

  • Click a Thumbnail Toolbar button.


The following script demonstrates how to attach an event handler and respond to a button click in a Thumbnail Toolbar.

function thumbnailClickHandler(evt)
    alert ("Clicked button: " + evt.buttonID);
document.addEventListener('msthumbnailclick', thumbnailClickHandler); 

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