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msSiteModeSetIconOverlay Method

New for Windows Internet Explorer 9

Adds an icon overlay to the pinned site taskbar button.


window.external.msSiteModeSetIconOverlay(bstrIconUrl [, bstrDescription])


bstrIconUrl Required. Absolute URL of an icon resource file.
bstrDescription Optional. A String that provides an accessible description of the icon overlay.

Return Value

No return value.

Possible Exceptions

Permission denied (0x80070005) The current page is not in the same domain as the start URL of pinned site.
Not implemented (0x80004001) This method is not supported on Windows CE.


This method creates an icon overlay that you can use to communicate alerts, notifications, and application status to users. Call msSiteModeClearIconOverlay to remove the overlay. The bstrDescription parameter provides an accessible description ( Microsoft UI Automation "HelpText") of the information conveyed by the icon overlay.

The icon resource file must contain a 16x16 icon at 96 dots per inch (dpi). If an icon overlay is already applied, the existing overlay is replaced.

Note  To view the icon overlay, the taskbar buttons must be in their default large icon mode. Small taskbar icons do not support icon overlays.

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