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msSiteModeUpdateThumbBarButton Method

New for Windows Internet Explorer 9

Changes the state of a Thumbnail Toolbar button.


window.external.msSiteModeUpdateThumbBarButton(uiButtonID, fEnabled, fVisible)


uiButtonID Required. Integer that specifies the button ID that is returned from msSiteModeAddThumbBarButton.
fEnabled Required. A Boolean value that specifies true to enable the button; or false to disable it.
fVisible Required. A Boolean value that specifies true to make the button visible; or false to hide it.

Return Value

No return value.

Possible Exceptions

Invalid procedure call or argument (0x800A0005) Argument type not Integer
Not implemented (0x80004001) This method is not supported on Windows CE.


You can use this method to dynamically modify the state of Thumbnail Toolbar buttons. Because all buttons must be added before the Thumbnail Toolbar is displayed, this method gives you control over which buttons are visible or active. Temporarily hide buttons that are not currently needed by setting fVisible to false. You can also configure the buttons to be visible but not active by setting the fEnabled flag to false.

Alternatively, you can replace the button entirely with msSiteModeAddButtonStyle and msSiteModeShowButtonStyle.

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