Bing Maps iOS Control

The Bing Maps iOS Control is an Objective-C control for embedding maps directly into native iOS apps. With a rich, gesture-based UI provided by Seadragon, the Bing Maps iOS Control provides support for adding pushpins and other overlays to a map, allows your device location to be displayed, and provides the ability to retrieve contextual information for a given map location.

Getting Started

  • Get a Bing Maps Key Before you begin using the Bing Maps iOS Control, you need to get a Bing Maps Key to authenticate your iOS app. To obtain a Bing Maps Key, go to the Bing Maps Account Center and create a Bing Maps Account. This is described in the Creating a Bing Maps Developer Account and Getting a Bing Maps Key topics. Information about using your Bing Maps Key in your app is found in the Getting Started topic of the Bing Maps iOS Control SDK.

  • Download the Bing Maps iOS Control SDK You can download the Bing Maps iOS Control SDK from the Bing Maps iOS Control SDK download page. This download includes the Bing Maps iOS Control libraries, reference documentation, and sample code.

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