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Silverlight RichTextBox Lab

Version: 1.2


This hands-on lab walks through the creation of a rich text notepad application (this application is the same one that was demonstrated at PDC 09, with several new enhancements). The RichTextBox control includes clipboard support, text formatting and BiDi (Bidirectional) text support for input and output. The control also enables applications to show rich text and allows users to input formatted text (Bold, Italic, Underline, Font family, Font size and Font color), highlighting of text, and embedded elements such as Hyperlinks and Images. Another useful feature is Silverlight's Drop Target API. This feature allows end users to drop Word documents directly in to the RichTextBox control. The control also can return Xaml allowing the format of rich text to easily be stored and retrieved. In this Lab we'll learn how to build a text editor that supports rich text, clipboard copy and paste, and printing. We'll also learn how we can use the new BiDi support to customize the application's UI according to the client's culture. Finally, we will learn how to implement the new Drag and Drop API feature to easily load text or Word document contents into the RichTextBox control.


  1. Introduction
  2. Exercise 1 – Getting Started
  3. Exercise 2 –Text Services and Printing
  4. Exercise 3 – Multilingual Support
  5. Conclusion