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IFS Kit - Installable File System Kit

This is the home page for the Installable File System (IFS) Kit, a developer's kit for the kernel mode file system and file system filter driver models. This kit provides the interfaces for developers to write file systems and file system filters for Windows 2000 and later versions of the operating system.

The IFS Kit is distributed as part of the Windows Driver Kit (WDK).

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The Windows 2000 IFS Kit. The Windows 2000 IFS kit is obsolete, and updated functionality is available through the current version of the IFS kit, which is distributed as part of the WDK. The RDR issue was fixed in Windows Server 2003 IFS kit.

For Assistance.To ask a technical question about developing file system/filter drivers, join and use the Mailing List.

Reparse.For the subset of file system filter drivers which use Reparse Points, use the Reparse Point Tag request form to obtain an ID for your driver.

Training for IFS Developers. OSR provides a "Developing File Systems for Windows" seminar that addresses issues related to developing file systems and file system filter drivers. OSR is providing this training to licensees of the IFS Kit at a significant discount. For information, see the OSR web siteThis link leaves the site

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