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Technical Computing (TC) Labs

TC Labs is a new resource for developers to access early releases of Microsoft Technical Computing software.  This is your chance to learn about the latest TC products, gain access to early code and to provide feedback for several TC-related innovative projects.

Microsoft Technical Computing is focused on empowering a broader group of people in business, academia, and government to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges.  It delivers the tools to harness computing capacity to make better decisions, fuel product innovation, speed research and development, and accelerate time to market – including decoding genomes, rendering movies, analyzing financial risks, streamlining crash test simulations, modeling global climate solutions and other highly complex problems. Doing this efficiently, at scale, necessitates a comprehensive platform that integrates well with your existing IT environment.

Microsoft is bringing multiple technologies and services to bear with this initiative including parallel development tools in Visual Studio, distributed computing environments with Windows High Performance Computing (HPC) Server, cloud computing with Windows Azure, and a broad ecosystem of partner applications.

TC Labs Projects