Introduction to Microsoft Business Intelligence

Microsoft BI solutions leverage your existing technology investments in .NET, SQL Server and Office to develop rich integrated reporting and analytics experiences that empower users to gain access to accurate, up-to-date information for better, more relevant decision making. This unit provides an introduction to Business Intelligence and to Microsoft BI from a developer perspective.


  • Presentation: Understanding Business Intelligence

    This presentation defines business intelligence and discusses how to apply business intelligence to address common business problems. It also discusses several different BI solution scenarios and introduces the key scenario covered in this course: integrated reporting and analytics. Presenter: Peter Myers, Mentor, Solid Quality Mentors.

  • Demo: Delivering Information to Decision Makers with a Microsoft BI Solution

    This demo shows a complete BI solution end-to-end that delivers information to decision makers using SQL Server 2008 R2 and Office 2010. Presenter: Peter Myers, Mentor, Solid Quality Mentors.

  • Presentation: Introducing Microsoft BI Solution Development

    This presentation introduces Microsoft BI solution development and its primary value proposition. Microsoft BI expands the reach of your investments in the Microsoft productivity platform, data infrastructure and collaboration tools you already own. Our solution delivers business intelligence by integrating the strengths of these products on a single platform to empower informed business decisions. We offer a full range of business intelligence solutions that work together to form a comprehensive, end-to-end solution with the scalability and vision to help you drive your business forward. Presenter: Peter Myers, Mentor, Solid Quality Mentors.

  • Demo: Introducing the Microsoft BI Development Toolset

    This demo introduces the primary development tools used to build Microsoft BI solutions, including Visual Studio / Business Intelligence Development Studio, SQL Server Management Studio. Presenter: Peter Myers, Mentor, Solid Quality Mentors.