How to: Distribute a LightSwitch Extension

The final step in developing a LightSwitch extension is to share it with others. To distribute a LightSwitch extension, we recommend that you add it to the Visual Studio Gallery website because developers can use Extension Manager to browse there for new and updated extensions. You can also distribute an extension by putting it on a different server, or by burning it on a CD or other media.


Before distributing an extension, you should update the VSIX package properties to provide a name, description, author, and other properties. For more information, see How to: Set VSIX Package Properties.

  1. Open the Visual Studio Gallery website.

  2. In the upper-right corner, choose Sign in.

  3. Use your Microsoft account to sign in. If you do not have a Microsoft account, you can create one here.

  4. Choose UPLOAD.

  5. In Step 1: Extension Type, select Control, and then choose Next.


    You must select Control as the type for any kind of LightSwitch extension.

  6. In Step 2: Upload, select I would like to upload my control. The Select your control box appears.

  7. Browse to the \bin\Debug folder of the .Vsix project for your extension, and then select the .vsix file. Choose the Next button.

    In Step 3: Basic Information, information from the source.extension.vsixmanifest file is displayed. The category, LightSwitch, is already selected for you.

  8. Add Tags to additionally categorize your extension, choose a Cost Category, and set the Allow discussions for your extension to the desired value.

  9. In the Description field, enter information about your extension. You can choose one of the provided templates, enter the information manually, or paste in HTML content.

  10. Read and accept the Contribution Agreement, and then choose Create Contribution. This displays a message that the page has not yet been published.

  11. Choose Publish.

    You should now be able to browse the gallery and see your extension, or access it via Extension Manager in Visual Studio.

To distribute an extension

  1. Open the \bin\Debug folder of the .Vsix project for your extension, and select the .vsix file.

  2. Copy the file to a network share or to removable media.

  3. On a target computer where LightSwitch is installed, open the .vsix file.

  4. In the Visual Studio Extension Installer dialog box, choose Install.

    The next time that you start LightSwitch, the extension should be available for use.

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