Application Development in Visual Studio

Visual Studio provides tools to design, develop, debug, and deploy applications.

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The elements that are contained in the IDE.

Walkthrough: Create a Simple Application with Visual C# or Visual Basic

Creating solutions, projects, and files for your applications.

Solution and Project Basics

Tracking work, managing bugs, using version control, and defining builds by using Team Foundation.

Using Team Foundation to Manage Development Processes

Using select designers and editors to create the UI for your applications.

Designing Code and User Interfaces

Exploring code, using IntelliSense features, creating code snippets, and customizing your editing experience.

Writing Code in the Code and Text Editor

Creating, configuring, and managing builds.

Building Applications in Visual Studio

Setting breakpoints, handling exceptions, using edit and continue, and using other techniques for fine-tuning an application.

Debugging in Visual Studio

Verifying code, analyzing performance, and using code metrics, among other optimizations.

Improving Quality with Visual Studio Diagnostic Tools

Creating setup executables, packaging files, and publishing websites.

Deploying Applications, Services, and Components

Designing and developing applications to make it easier to distribute the application to a global audience.

Globalizing and Localizing Applications

Automate common tasks and extend Visual Studio features.

Automation and Extensibility for Visual Studio

Extend Visual Studio and develop new products that are integrated with Visual Studio.

Visual Studio Software Development Kit (SDK)