Sample server XML configuration file for installing with pre-created groups

To use the pre-created Active Directory directory service security groups, create an XML configuration file that uses the syntax that is similar to the following example. Modify the variables as appropriate. The list that follows the sample code describes how to modify the variables that are in this example.

In the following XML sample, the domain name is domain.domain_extension and the organizational units are Company Name. Replace these names with the actual names that are in your Active Directory deployment. The Active Directory hierarchy is as follows:

  • root domain
    • Company Name OU
      • Company Name OU



<Groups AutoGroupManagementOff="false">

<PrivUserGroup>CN=PrivUserGroup,OU=Company Name,OU=Company Name,DC=<domain>,DC=<domain_extension></PrivUserGroup>

<SQLAccessGroup>CN=SQLAccessGroup,OU=Company Name,OU=Company Name, DC=<domain>,DC=<domain_extension></SQLAccessGroup>

<ReportingGroup>CN=ReportingGroup,OU=Company Name,OU=Company Name, DC=<domain>,DC=<domain_extension></ReportingGroup>

<PrivReportingGroup>CN=PrivReportingGroup,OU=Company Name,OU=Company Name, DC=<domain>,DC=<domain_extension></PrivReportingGroup>