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Internet Explorer 9 Guide for Developers

March 14, 2011

Data URIs

The data URI is a means of directly embedding data in the context of a web page. The most common example is a tiny image embedded in a web page, such as the following:


When placed in the src attribute of an img element, this text effectively embeds the image in the markup of the page. Internet Explorer 8 introduced data URIs to Internet Explorer.

With Internet Explorer 9, developers can now use a data URI in the src attribute of a script element. Plus, the size limit for data URIs has been lifted from 32 kilobytes (KB) in Internet Explorer 8 to 4 gigabytes (GB) in Internet Explorer 9.

ICC Color Profiles

The International Color Consortium (ICC) publishes color profiles, which describe color attributes of both software and hardware.

Internet Explorer 9 introduces support for ICC v2 and v4 color profiles on images, as defined in ICC specifications.

Selectors API Level 2

The Selectors API Level 2 specification defines a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that enable you to evaluate selectors in the Document Object Model (DOM).

Internet Explorer 8 implemented the Selectors APIs querySelector and querySelectorAll. Internet Explorer 9 adds support for the msMatchesSelector method.