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Getting the Most from Windows 7

Learn how to quickly take advantage of the value, performance and features of Windows to make it the best it can be for your users.
Editor’s Note: Optimizing Windows 7 across the Enterprise
Familiarize yourself with the resources, tools and features that can really make Windows 7 sing across your organization.
TechNet Magazine: Windows 7: The Time Is Now for Windows 7
Windows 8 is grabbing the headlines, but there’s still considerable value moving to Windows 7 if you haven’t yet.
TechNet Magazine: Migrating to 64-Bit with Windows 7
There are some special considerations when migrating from 32-bit to 64-bit, as well as some tools and techniques that can help.
Microsoft Technologies for Consumerization
This article explores specific technologies that enable IT to embrace consumerization while minimizing risks to the enterprise and its data.
Top 7 IT Pro Pain Points Simplified with MDOP
Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack is a collection of six technologies designed to increase desktop manageability. Like the Swiss army knife, it solves many different problems and generally makes your life much easier, as we will see.
If your last desktop OS deployment was circa Windows XP, we have some good news. Gone are the days of manual building, configuration and migration processes. New sets of tools are available to facilitate a deployment tailored specifically for your environment.
Guidance for Windows 7 deployments, including your options for tools and recommended processes.