FindPreviousLineDifference Method (, Predicate())

Given a point that maps to the difference buffer or either the left or right buffer, find the previous Difference that matches the given predicate, or null if there is none to be found. If the given point is inside a line difference, finds the next one.

Namespace:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Tools.Delta
Assembly:  Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Tools.Delta (in Microsoft.VisualStudio.Data.Tools.Delta.dll)


Function FindPreviousLineDifference ( _
    point As SnapshotPoint, _
    wherePredicate As Predicate(Of Difference) _
) As Difference
Dim instance As IDifferenceBuffer
Dim point As SnapshotPoint
Dim wherePredicate As Predicate(Of Difference)
Dim returnValue As Difference

returnValue = instance.FindPreviousLineDifference(point, _
Difference FindPreviousLineDifference(
    SnapshotPoint point,
    Predicate<Difference> wherePredicate
Difference^ FindPreviousLineDifference(
    SnapshotPoint point, 
    Predicate<Difference^>^ wherePredicate
abstract FindPreviousLineDifference : 
        point:SnapshotPoint * 
        wherePredicate:Predicate<Difference> -> Difference 
function FindPreviousLineDifference(
    point : SnapshotPoint, 
    wherePredicate : Predicate<Difference>
) : Difference


  • point
    Type: SnapshotPoint
    The point to use, from any of the buffers related to the difference buffer.
  • wherePredicate
    Type: System..::..Predicate< (Of < ( <'Difference> ) > ) >
    A predicate to call for each potential match.

Return Value

Type: Difference
The first difference for which the wherePredicate return true, or null if no next difference is found.

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